Ja Rule – Baby


Ja Rule – Baby
Ja Rule – Baby

Ja Rule must-have been in a giving mood when he unearthed “Baby”- a previously unheard song from the back alleys of the Murder Inc. catalog. Not to be confused with “Mesmerize,” his 2001 duet with Ashanti, where he mutters the pet name baby as if it was going out of style- this “Baby” is completely untouched from the days of old; when exactly? Ja Rule stopped short of giving us any context when the song was freed from its cage two days ago. For the time being, the “Baby” giveaway is up for download or mutual-share via DropBox. Follow the link below if you’re so inclined.

Ja Rule’s impromptu giveaway has generated a medium level of interest amongst Murda Inc. archivist who joined in demanding more of the same! Perhaps Ja Rule was thinking of ways to gain the edge over 50 Cent, and thought to himself, why not put out a free record, ‘he won’t do the same.’ That said, vintage Ja Rule holds a special place in the hearts of partygoers and troubleshooters alike. When in a pinch, having explored all the musical options in one’s library, there’s nothing like a Ja Rule song to keep the function on its hind legs.

Quotable Lyrics:

Parade around like the ‘Boston Three’ party
With two broads on each arm looking like trophies.

– Ja Rule

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