AUDIO & VIDEO: Blueface – Stop Cappin


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Blueface is here to blur the lines between rap capping and bringing the mop out. The new “Stop Cappin” music video paints Blueface in a familiar position, behind his favorite “mopstick” gimmick. Like DJ Kay Slay a decade before him (see the Streetsweeper saga), the allusion of a mop is a playful means to a menacing front. Imagine an author concealing their subversive content to reach a wider demographic, Blueface and the team behind his every whim, have made “pulling the mop out” a well-devised part of the overall scheme.

As of this writing, “Stop Coppin” is only available in its nascent video form. Within the past 24 hours, the music video has amassed just under 1 million streams on YouTube, where it looks destined for a strong second day of coverage (obey the light). Like 90% of his catalog to date, “Stop Coppin” doesn’t try for change in perspective. As always, Blueface is about his “crypn,” despite a gang moratorium coming into effect following Nipsey Hussle’s death. 

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